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At G.H.P Systems, Inc, we’re dedicated to creating efficient, results-driven geothermal solutions. As the leading provider of geothermal heating and cooling services in Holland, MI, and Allegan County, we can help you save on energy costs and do your part to protect the environment. We also serve residents and businesses in Hamilton and Grand Haven, MI, and throughout Ottawa and Kent counties.
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Our Geothermal Heating & Cooling Services

Looking to install a cost-effective and energy-efficient heating and cooling system in your home or commercial property? G.H.P Systems, Inc is ready to help every step of the way.

Our team will provide a heat loss/heat gain analysis that will help us design and implement the best system for your property. We’ll make sure your geothermal system is custom installed to help your property endure every season. We perform repairs and routine maintenance, as well.

Our goal is to help you save on energy bills and help you experience all the benefits of renewable energy. We also install radiant heating floor systems to help you make your investment go the extra mile.

What Are the Benefits of Geothermal Energy?

More Americans are choosing to install geothermal heating and cooling systems in their homes and businesses. Geothermal systems are not only cheaper to install than other systems; they’re durable, reliable, low-maintenance, and they can add value to your home or commercial property.

How Does Geothermal Technology Work?

Furnaces and air conditioners create energy by burning natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. However, fossil fuel burning not only has consequences for our environment but can easily rack up your energy bills during the cold Michigan winters.

With geothermal energy systems, there is a solution to your traditional heating and cooling system. Geothermal systems make use of natural heat found in the Earth’s crust. This energy is collected through a series of pipes (called loops) that are installed below the surface of the ground. These pipes can also be submerged in small bodies of water, such as lakes or ponds.

Through these pipes, fluid circulates and carries heat above the ground. An additional indoor geothermal system then uses electric compressors and heat exchangers to concentrate the energy and release it into the home or building. This is known as a vapor compression cycle, which is similar to how refrigeration works.

Overall, the process of geothermal heating and cooling removes the need for chemical combustion and fossil fuel burning, making it a more energy-efficient solution to traditional furnaces and air conditioners.

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