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Closed Loop System
Closed loop systems are becoming the most common. When properly installed, they are economical, efficient, and reliable.
The closed loop system uses water/antifreeze solution circulated through specially designed high density polyethylene pipe that is unaffected by chemicals found in the soil or fluid circulating within the pipe. Most pipe manufacturers warranty their pipe for 50 years or more. The pipe has a life expectancy of over 200 years. All pipes buried underground are joined by a heat fusion process that forms a joint stronger than the pipe itself.

The length of loop piping varies depending on ground temperature, thermal conductivity of the ground, soil moisture, and system design. (Some heat pumps work well with larger inlet temperature variations, which allows marginally smaller loops)

 In the winter, heat is absorbed in the refrigerant by way of an evaporator coil and compressed to approximately 140 F. This heat is directed to the condenser coil, which transfers the heat to the air distribution systems that heats your home or business. The cycle is reversed in the cooling season.

The most common closed loop systems are Vertical, Horizontal & Pond

Closed Loop Systems

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