Open Loop System
The open loop system uses a water supply from a deep or shallow well. Water is pumped through a heat exchanger where heat is extracted and delivered to your home or business. The water is then discharged into a pond, stream, river, lake, ditch, dry well or second well. If a second well (also known as a return well) is used, the water returns directly to the aquifer. For this system, it is very important to check your water supply for minerals and bacteria that could adhere to the sides of the heat exchanger, which could cause problems and high maintenance.

Such situations may require precautions to keep carbon dioxide and other gases in solution in the water. Other options include the use of cupronickel heat exchangers and heat exchangers that can be cleaned without introducing chemicals into the groundwater. We can analyze your well report and inform you if you can use an open loop system.

Increasing environmental concerns mean that local officials must be consulted to assure compliance with regulations concerning water use and acceptable water discharge methods. For example, discharge to a sanitary sewer system is rarely acceptable.

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Open Loop System

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